The saddest songs ever

In case the title wasn’t clear enough, I just want to reiterate that this post is about the saddest songs ever. Some of them are melancholy, at the very least. If you are in an emotionally-heightened state, PMSing or way, way under the influence and must proceed, do so with caution. And preferably a handkerchief.
First up, Ryan Bingham’s Hallelujah (only namesake to the more popular Cohen-turned-Buckley song, no relation) is a heartbreaker, no, heart-annihilator.

Actually, most of his stuff is a tearjerker. Get your tears jerked here (that sounds like a sign outside a Japanese fetish shop, I know) and come back to some more despair in the form of Passenger–one of my favourite songwriters and the king of emo. Instead of a song, I’m posting the YouTube link for the whole album All The Little Lights because it’s the perfect length for a good, cathartic crying sesh. Some of the songs have very witty writing which is quite funny so you *might* feel tempted to giggle between sniffles. Refrain, and persevere. There is more sobbing to be done.

I heard the next song in my ex-boss’ excellent home-theatre setup (soundproofed walls, floor-standing speakers, the works) and I remember being immensely moved. Don’t believe what they say, kids. Money can buy you music and in that, it can buy you love. This is 24-25 by Kings of Convenience, who I like to think of as a modern-day Simon & Garfunkel.


Okay, last song, seeing as I’m not into torture. This one’s an oldie but an oh-so-goodie. A tremendous classic and that violin solo is full funereal despondence. Dust in the Wind by Kansas. (Linking this video with the lyrics in big, bold letters to remind you of your insignificance. Also useful for karaoke.)

From the wretched depths of desolation, toodles!

The saddest songs ever

Warpaint my love

You know the #1 thing keeping me from publishing these music posts is? Listening to the damn music itself. Once I find some great music (and boy, have I!) it’s next to impossible for me to accomplish even daily tasks; that’s how distracted I get.

Current object of distraction is the amazing Warpaint, an all-female (wasn’t always) band that I’d first heard back in 2010 on an indie music discovery site. I’d only heard the one song then, and for some godforsaken reason I didn’t venture beyond it till two weeks ago. Here’s the song I heard then–a beautifully mellow, dreamy song called Billie Holiday. (Their camaraderie on the Rough Trade Sessions is particularly adorable–wait till the end.)


Well don’t bliss out just yet! I got some more for ya. Once I got past the excitement of rediscovering an old favourite, I rode high and long on the waves of brand new discoveries, one of them being Undertow. That guitar riff is pure love.


The bass and drums are my favourite things about Warpaint; vocals end up falling short in some songs like in the chorus of Love is To Die–still a good song in my opinion. Certainly not their best, however. Posting this one from their Yours Truly session because that drumming is a joy to watch, but the album recording sounds much more atmospheric in my opinion.


I have a girl-crush on each and every member of this band. Watch them come together in this song (the harmonising in beginning is so perfect) and you’ll know why. Another Rough Trade Sessions recording, this is the almost- 8-minute long but oh-s0-worth-it, Majesty.


Might as well do another Rough Trade Sessions favourite since I’m on a roll here–Burgundy. I LOVE the warm-up (and cool-down) arrangements in this one.


This 2-in-1 video for Disco//Very and Keep It Healthy pretty much sums all the amazing things this band is–goofy, badass and SO COOL. Also, the bass in Disco//Very, can have my first-born if it wants. Oh, apparently the video also has some hotshot skateboarders in it but who cares they’re just men (my attempt at sexist humour).


I could listen to them all day. Actually, I have, on several occasions in the last 3 weeks. Warpaint actually got me through an extra-long menstrual cycle so I’m more than biased and eternally grateful. GIRL POWER AMIRITE! Anyway, here’s an especially soothing tune for when your blood flows with a vengeance and the cramps just won’t quit–Stars.


Cannot able to decide which song(s) I like better than the others, so I’ve given up trying. I keep coming back to the drums, though, and the drumming on Shadows is so GOOD.


Okay next up is Elephants from the band’s debut EP called Exquisite Corpse, which was mixed and mastered by ex-RHCP fellow John Frusciante, also featuring drums by current RHCP fellow Josh Klinghoffer. As much as I love RHCP, this Warpaint sound is a little too ‘produced’ for me–I much prefer their later stuff. But this is a good song, nevertheless.


You know how some songs start out with this amazing intro and you just *know* it’s going to be a great song? Set Your Arms Down is one of them. Almost grungy, full feels.


As if they weren’t cool enough, Warpaint also did a lovely David Bowie cover of Ashes to Ashes. Yes, way! Transcendental, and a fitting tribute.


Here is the BEST thing. They might be hard-core, badass, cool and other great examples of girl power and whatnot, but they don’t shy away from being breathtakingly vulnerable. Here’s the softer, and in my opinion, stronger version of Warpaint, demonstrated in Baby.


From soothing to sexy, here’s Biggy. Dat riff, man.


Trying really hard not to post ALL the songs from the eponymously titled album here, but its so hard. Specially when they have wicked bass riffs like in Feeling Alright.


ANGELS. I’M CONVINCED THEY’RE ANGELS. Listen to Teese if you don’t believe me.


Ending this blog post on an ironic note, with a song called ‘hi’. Moody stoner rock.


Oh you don’t have to thank me. The pleasure’s all mine.










Warpaint my love

Jumping onto the bandwagon (after everyone else has jumped off)

I’m always late to the party. Over the last three months or so I’ve listened to a lot of bands that I’ve known about for a while, but have never gotten around to sampling. Just goes to show it isn’t only new music that needs discovering. This here is going to be a full value-for-money post; my entire Gujarati clan would be proud. Actually they’d be shocked I’m doing this for no money so I suppose I remain a disappointment. Yay!

There was a point in time I intentionally avoided listening to music that was recommended to me because I didn’t like said person and didn’t want to give them the satisfaction. But I have risen over such pettiness since then; moreover I stumbled onto The Glitch Mob while looking for music to edit to ALL BY MYSELF, so I will take the credit. Nyaha. Drink the Sea is a superb debut album and my current go-to work music favourite. Here’s the entire album in all its aural glory. Listen to the whole thing, trust me.


Another seriously brilliant band I found long after they got famous and disbanded (although I hear they’re getting together for happy reunion times at Coachella along with Guns N’ freaking Roses sob) is LCD Soundsytem who are F.I.E.R.C.E. Dance Yrself Clean had me hooked the second it starts off and even though it has some iffy bits in the middle (the keyboard solo is a bit jarring) it is still a great song.


Here’s a song that would’ve been just perfect for the Trump presidential campaign, if you ask me. Here’s North American Scum.


I love how most of their songs are peppered with liberal amounts of IDGAF-ness. Here’s a song dripping with vitriol but it’s got a great beat so kinda perfect for some angry dancing. Win-win! Time to Get Away.


The next one up is possibly my favourite LCDS song, because I don’t know how not to move every time it starts playing. Giving maximum dance party feels, here’s Get Innocuous.


Ookay, time to gush over another band. Miike Snow is fairly popular and I feel fairly dumb for not having heard them fairly sooner. Although one of their most popular songs, Animal, is not to my taste, a lot of their other stuff is. I heard the insanely good Heart is Full remix with Run the Jewels on Track Drops which, by the way, is a great music blog you should visit. Check out the song in the link.

Of course this made me curious about other Miike Snow songs and boy, did I hit the motherlode. Their brand of electro-pop is really lovely, as demonstrated with Bavarian #1 (Say You Will). Always makes me smile.


I love their mixing. Even a heavy guitar riff in a seemingly mellow song just sounds like it belongs there. Here’s another sweet little tune–The Wave.


Think the video for the next song–The Pretender–is a continuation of the previous song. I like this one more, however.


You can probably tell I’m running out of steam. So here’s a few more Miike Snow songs to wrap up this post, offered with minimal comment (unless I think of something amazing to say). Black & Blue is a lot of fun.


Oh this one is absolutely gorgeous, thanks to an beautifully languid build-up. Sylvia.


If you’re not blissfully peaced out right now, you’re probably made of stone. Last song is the very fun Genghis Khan.


I love all of you mostly imaginary people! Love.






Jumping onto the bandwagon (after everyone else has jumped off)

Glass Jungle

It’s been a while since I put up a new post, but I have a good reason–I’ve been listening to some amazing bands. So amazing, that I’ve no idea what to write about them. I did labour over the right words, trust me, but I lack the technical knowledge and vocabulary to articulate how a certain song makes my little finger drum the air in a most peculiar fashion, or how a drrr drrr drrrrrrr makes my heart jump out of my chest, circle the world to come slam back into me. Also, shoulders and neck and arms and legs and knees moving of their own volition–what’s that about? Okay, now that we’ve established I can’t write about music, I’ll shut the fuck up and get right to it. Get ready, I’ve got a lot of music to get off my chest.

My current favourite band is only 1 album old, and *what* an album it is. Discovered through one lovely lady on Twitter (Thanks, Manvi :-*), Jungle’s eponymous Jungle will probably make it to my favourite albums of all time. Posting most of the songs here, mostly because I can’t decide what my favourites are. They’re all SO GOOD. Oh god my finger’s doing that thing again.

First up, Busy Earnin’. I listen to it when I walk to work and it makes me feel so gangster I completely forget I’m not one. Good thing they don’t sell guns off the counter here.


The video for The Heat is basically two black guys in sweats dancing on roller skates. That is all.


Not sure whether a nod to Fatboy Slim’s Weapon of Choice video, but I can totally see Christopher Walken breakin’ it down with these guys. Here’s Time.


If you’re not dancing yet you would totally beat me at a game of Statue! This is Platoon, and the kid is all kinds of badass.


Dat drumming, it has my heart–which should be crossing Russia right about now. Next up, Julia–choreography and dancing is ace.


Moving into mellower territory, this is Drops by Jungle, where they sound a whole lot like Bon Iver–never a bad thing.


I know, right? YOU’RE WELCOME. It’s like they have a compulsive need to make really good music. This one’s called Lemonade Lake.


Even if Jungle decided to put their hats up after this album (WHICH THEY ABSOLUTELY SHOULD NOT I SHOULD BE SHOT WITH STORE-BOUGHT GUNS &  BULLETS FOR SAYING SUCH A THING) they would still have a considerable body of work to their name–this album is a masterpiece. This is Crumbler.


I once broke a kiss to break into this song–one of the only times its okay to do so, in my opinion. This is Son of a Gun–put your hands up! (No gun intended)


Last Jungle song I’m posting on here: Lucky I Got What I Want.


Phew. Wait, I’m not done yet.  Told you this was going to be a long one. Another fabulous person (Thanks, Trupti!) told me about the Glass Animals, and let me just say if you have been looking for sexy times music, your search is over my friend. Now you just need to find someone you can have sex with. Gooey, by Glass Animals.


Put your clothes back on, we’re going to do this slow. Heeeere’s Hazey.


SO torturous, so good. Getting out the big guns now. Black Mambo will have your pants.


Stop what you’re doing (unless it’s sex) and watch this video. Kinda NSFW.



Keep the sexy times going with Toes! Works especially if you have a foot fetish.


Do NOT try Karaoke to this song. Or do, it might be fun. Wyrd.


Okay, last one to wind up this winding post. Less sexy, more dancey. Because come on, you’ve got to be done by now. Verra nice Peter Gabriel-esque video too. Pools!


Okay this was fun, we should do this again some time.




Glass Jungle

I hart Devendra Banhart

Yes. I hart him so much that I decided to do this entire post JUST on him. Also there is plenty to hart, like the first song from his 2013 album Mala (excellent album, more songs from the same coming up). Golden Girls is a mere 1.35 minutes long but it does a good job of setting the mood. I did look for an extended remix but it sucked and isn’t worth putting up. Here’s Golden Girls by Devendra Banhart, short and sweet.


I swear I spat out water when I saw this. Natalie Portman in a parody 80s Bollywood video! Turns out she once harted Devendra too. It’s adorable and goofy and so catchy. Carmensita!


An uncannny resemblance to Russell Brand, I thought. Okay, here’s a *beautiful* song from Mala called Mi Negrita. It’s Spanish, and oh-so-lovely, specially if you’re looking for romantic dinner date (do people still do that?) type music.


I love, love how Devu (yes, that’s how I’ll be referring to him henceforth) jumps genres effortlessly. Take reggae-style Foolin’, for example. Groovy sound and a video that delves into interracial BDSM in quite a fun, light-h(e)arted way. NSFW though, obviously.


If you haven’t figured it out by now, Devu is a bit of a weirdo. But he’s a brilliant weirdo, and I hart him. But that you already knew. Here’s one of my favourites from Mala – Your Fine Petting Duck. Absolutely love the segue that kicks in at 3:10.


It just occurred to me I haven’t bothered to explain Devu’s strange name (unless you’ve Googled him already). Well, Devendra has no Indian (or Asian subcontinent) lineage, but his parents were followers of Prem Rawat, a spiritual-type leader who suggested they name their son after the Hindu rain god, Indra. Oh, also, his middle name is Obi because Obi-Wan Kenobi. Yes. Moving on, this is Baby.


Cannot get enough of this guy. Next up –  Fur Hildegard von Bingen – Yes it sounds like a spoilt German prince but in fact is a really nice song.


<3. Okay here’s a lovely folk-ballad-y song (his voice is SO Janis Joplin here) called Seahorse. Wait till the song hits 2:00 for it to properly kick in.


Tell me you aren’t in love. And then turn around and go the fuck home. Remember the date-night song? Well, this is the song you should play later, if the date goes really well. *winks creepily*.


Alright, to wrap things up – Feel Just Like a Child. The song has a sexy bassline, funny lyrics and has Devu singing and dancing in little chaddies! What’s not to love, really.


I think I’ll stop gushing now. Later!



I hart Devendra Banhart

I got you covered

Some of my friends (2 nos) asked me to do a post on covers, so here we go.

This one was a complete find and i was listening to it for weeks afterwards – Bizarre Love Triangle by The New Limb (there’s a little bit of a mash-up of Cindy Lauper’s Time After Time towards the end). People seem to love the cover of the same song by Frente, but honestly the mouth organ in this one just slays me every time.

I climaxed when I heard this one. Its…it’s a condition. One I’m very happy to have, I might add. Okay, so Bastille’s done some great covers, including one of Fleetwood Mac’s Dreams. But this one – No Angels (basically a cover of TLC’s No Scrubs with The xx’s Angels as the background tone; I suppose you could call this a mash-up too) is my favourite. A scene from The Graduate is also incorporated into the song, complementing the lovely, dreamy sound perfectly.

I KNOW RIGHT. Kay, here’s a cover of an Outkast song I love way more than the original. Probably because it goes with the lyrics a lot better. Heya by Obadiah Parker.

Bon Iver has my heart. He would also have other parts of me but the long distance thing is a real problem. Here’s a lovely, lovely rendition of Bonnie Raitt’s I Can’t Make You Love Me, with a little bit of Nick of Time towards the end.

Did you ever watch One Tree Hill? I did, obsessively. One of the lead characters, Peyton, was someone who’s life revolved around music and I discovered SO MUCH great stuff thanks to that show. I even wished family members and boyfriends would leave me so I could relate to her better. Grass is greener and all that. Anyway, it’s where I heard Jose Gonzalez’s version of Heartbeats, originally by The Knife.

I realise most of these covers are quite sappy and you know what I don’t care very much. Here are my favourite brother/sister duo Angus and Julia making Nelly Furtado’s Say It Right much, much better.

Radiohead’s High and Dry probably has dozens of covers already, but this one by Act of Congress stole my heart (after I got it back from Bon Iver). That bass in the beginning! Strings tug at my heartstrings, what can I say.

I’m only doing 8 songs this time as opposed to the usual 10, because I honestly couldn’t think of any other covers I wanted to put on here and didn’t want to force it and also because I can do what I want. To end, here’s William Fitzsimmons emoing the hell out of Kanye West’s Heartless. Kanye, Imma NOT let you finish cos Will’s cover of Heartless is the best of all time.

That’s all for today. Tell me what you think?


I got you covered

Bass line is it anyway? (There are no apologies here)

I’m all about that bass. Also, I hate that song.

Okay yes, songs with very nice bass lines. Some of my favourites here too, so I’m excited.

Starting with some mellow – here’s Cucurucu by Nick Mulvey.

This one *always* gives me goosebumps. It is AMAZING. Death Cab fans will definitely know it – here’s I Will Possess Your Heart by Death Cab For Cutie.

Wheeeee. I don’t know about you guys but this is definitely helping me with my PMS. Next up, Holding On For Life by Broken Bells. Video will remind you of The Martian, specially ‘cos of that wee lady who was also in the movie.

Okay, now there’s a couple of oldies but goodies I want to put out here. Acres Wild by Jethro Tull (I was lucky to watch them live from the IIM-B balcony, for free) always gets me moving.

*Bass solo* Lot of badass in this one song. Also, it was used really well in Law Abiding Citizen and that scene’s always stuck with me. Eminence Front by (who else?) The Who.

Damn, I’m having fun. Okay, this one’s by Lullaby by The Cure, and I’d never heard it till I stumbled on it through an 8tracks playlist. You’ll know when the bass kicks in when your head starts bobbing. Also it’s a super creepy song. But still great.

Okay, back to the present-ish. Is This It by The Strokes – bass doesn’t kick in till 0.52 but when it does it’s so good. Nice foot-tapping little number.

I love The Kooks. They do emo with such British attitude. It’s like, “I really care but I don’t give a fuck”, y’know? Man, I would totally fall for this. Gap, by The Kooks.

Right. Some upbeat stuff to end with, here’s If I Ever Feel Better by Phoenix. So danceworthy.

This one’s slightly teeny-boppy, but it’s cute and jumpy and dancey and I’m out of words where I don’t sound condescending so here’s What You Know by Two Door Cinema Club.

Say, I’m quite pleased with myself.

Next time, I do covers (hopefully). Bye!


Bass line is it anyway? (There are no apologies here)